Product Features & Benefits

The Gridmesh anchor has a large range of features that sets it apart from the traditional means of access such as scaffolding, using elevated working platforms, set anchors via rope access or worst case, using unrated improvised anchors. In summary, Why should you use the Gridmesh Anchor?

  • No exposure to a fall risk to install the Gridmesh Anchor;
  • The Gridmesh Anchor is quick and easy to install – two people can install the Gridmesh Anchor in less than 10 minutes;
  • No need for personnel to use an EWP at height to install anchor systems. Two personnel can install an anchor point in roughly 1.5 – 2 hours from an EWP if they have clear access. It will also take the same time to remove and you also have the cost of the EWP to rent/hire;
  • It reduces the exposure for rope access personnel in working at height to install anchor points in hard to get to locations. A three man crew will potentially take 1-2 hours to install an anchor point under the grid mesh depending on the access and difficulty of the structure and a similar amount to remove. You also have to pay the cost of highly trained operatives to set the anchors vs using labour with basic work-at-height training skills;
  • Can be used by rope access personnel for an anchor point. This makes the time they have to work on a job much greater as there is less set-up time;
  • Reduces the potential for personnel to use anchors that have not been installed correctly. For example, operators may use webbing slings/anchors that do not have protection against sharp edges;
  • The Gridmesh Anchor can easily be set up above ladder access points for safe ascending and descending of ladders;
  • Reduces the potential for personnel to use unsafe working at height practices. By installing the Gridmesh Anchor directly above the intended work area, this enables operators to work effectively in fall arrest as soon as they need to leave the ground.
  • Can be quickly and easily be installed for a rescue at height – with the 22.2kN (5000lbs) rating enabling the rescuer to connect to the same anchorage point if required.
  • Proven practical device for use in confined space rescue
  • Can be used anywhere you have grid mesh with adequate substructure (review the operator manual for strength requirements and beam sizes).
Gridmesh Anchor

The Gridmesh Anchor has a number of key features:

  • All-inclusive kit, easily handled by one person – weighs only 21kg
  • Light-weight, UV and chemical resistant, polyurethane case to provide extended product life
  • Fall Protection Model (GA02 – 2 persons) – Rated to 22.2kN (5000lbs) for fall arrest, which meets or exceeds the requirements for AS/NZS5532, AS/NZS1891.4, ANSI Z359, Canadian OHS Code Sub-Section 152.1(2), EN795
  • Materials Handling Model (GA03) – Rated for 1.2T W.L.L. and certified to AS1666
  • Carry bag to contain all components and prevent loss of equipment
  • Key components (anchor beam and wire sling) are marked with serial numbers for easy inspection and identification
  • Step by step illustrations showing the installation process are provided in the user instruction manual.
Product Presentation
Instruction Manual (Fall Protection)Instruction Manual (Materials Handling)