Using the GMA as an anchor for lifting/hauling

Although originally designed for fall protection, the Gridmesh Anchor can also be used as a lifting point for hauling materials by ordering a different model number GA03. The device has been third-party tested to perform as a mobile crane device in accordance with AS1418 up to a maximum load of 1.2 tonnes**. The sling supplied with this model is also certified to AS1666 and carries a 1.2T W.L.L. Refer to the technical area of this website to view the test details.

To easily identify the model of Gridmesh Anchor as being for lifting or fall protection, the product label on the inside of the lid is marked with the primary purpose. It is not recommended to interchange Gridmesh Anchors for lifting with those for fall protection and vice versa.

** Care should be taken to ensure the structure is capable of taking a static load of up to 1.2 tonne prior to using the device for lifting/hauling. Refer to an engineer or the user instruction manual for further information.

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