Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Gridmesh Anchor (GMA) for rope access applications?

Yes it is possible to use the GMA for rope access applications, though the code of practice for rope access (e.g. ICOP for IRATA) will likely require you to use two devices as separate anchorage points for one person. As the strength of the GMA is high enough for limited-free-fall or suspension type work, it has adequate strength.

Can I use the Gridmesh Anchor (GMA) for hauling loads?

Yes. The GMA can be used as a personal fall protection device or as a mobile crane for hauling loads up to 1.2 tonne. As a general rule, we do not recommend the use of the same Gridmesh Anchor as a personal fall arrest anchor to be used as a materials hauling system. We recommend the device be marked on the label for its specific purpose.

Why does the Gridmesh Anchor sling test certificate have a proof load rating of 11kg when I thought it was rated to 22kN?

The GMA components have been tested to consistently pass the 22kN performance rating, however it is common practice to proof-load a sling to 50% of its rated strength. For this reason every sling provided is supplied with a test certificate demonstrating that the device has been proof-loaded in this way, providing confidence that the swaging process has been successful.

Does the Gridmesh Anchor come in different sizes?

At the present time there is only one size available. This device enables an anchor to be set over grid mesh with the floor sub-structure set at a maximum of 1200mm centres. The device can also be used where the steel floor joists are less distance apart (say 900mm). This can be achieved by orienting the device in a diagonal position that still allows the feet of the GMA to remain positioned directly over the supporting sub-structure. Future models may be provided in alternative sizes if sufficient demand exists.

Can I access extra accessories than the ones already provided in the kit?

Additional components such as taglines, wire slings, bags can all be purchased separately as required. In the event one component is unsuitable for future use (e.g, fails inspection) or additional accessories are required for your application, the replacement parts can simply be purchased through your preferred distributor.

Where can I order the Gridmesh Anchor?

The Gridmesh anchor company has chosen to sell its products through a distribution network to enable the products to be correctly supported in the field and assist to rectify issues in the unlikely event there are any problems with the product on the ground. It also enables the product to be pre-inspected prior to being entered into service. Contact the company to determine if your preferred distributor is an existing stockist, or we can arrange for the establishment of your chosen safety provider to access the product on your behalf

How often do I need to inspect the Gridmesh Anchor?

Like any fall protection product, the GMA needs periodic inspection. The following schedule is recommended for inspection:

  • Before first use – inspection by a competent person (also record date of first use in the log book);
  • Before each use – by the user;
  • 6 monthly by a competent person, with details also recorded in a logbook.

The GMA wire sling and beam carry separate serial numbers – we recommend you use the beam serial number as the kit serial number if this is required to be recorded. Detailed inspection requirements are located in the user instruction manual which can be downloaded from this website in the event it becomes lost/separated from the kit that has initially been supplied.

Does the Gridmesh Anchor have a lifespan?

The Gridmesh Anchor carries a limited lifetime warranty (see the technical section on this website or the user instruction manual for further details). Generally, the product should last a minimum of 10 years, though items such as slings and taglines can be replaced if they wear down with use. The Gridmesh anchor can continued to be used indefinitely until such time as it fails an inspection. If any component of the GMA is found to be damaged, it should be tagged out of service immediately and not used.

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