Some of the feedback we have received from a number of customers:

“The product comes in an light case to carry so when you are using stairs you still have 3 points of contact, and all the components are there, ready to go. The design is something anyone can use and saves time, which in turn saves money, The design of the casing is tapered and therefore eliminates trip hazards whilst on the gridmesh walkways. To be honest, I can't fault the product.”

Clinton HopkinsRRW Superintendent, Hertel

“Having used this at Caledonia Murrin Murrin Operations we found this to be very effective. By using the Gridmesh anchor, we raised the standard of working at height safety at site. By utilizing this anchor system (which was also quick and easy to install) we reduced the exposure to our personnel to other potential working at height issues in installing another anchor system.”

Gary MartinCaledonia Group

“I would give the Gridmesh Anchor a perfect '10'. The speed of ease of set-up and dismantle time is excellent.”

Paul MeadUGL, Barrow Island

“The Gridmesh Anchor has excellent portability, storage dimensions, simplicity, ergonomics, and weight. The product is excellent for operational maintenance in areas under gridmesh platforms and is excellent for operational maintenance, emergency response and rescue”

Mike GeorgiouParabellum International

“I liked the overall product, I have never seen anything like this on the market. I like the fact all the accessories are contained within the anchor casing as well as the weight being less than 20Kg.”

Eamon McNelisShell Australia

“Using the Gridmesh Anchor will save valuable time offshore as well as eliminating injuries to personnel.”

Eamon McNelisShell Australia

“Currently using 30 of these on the Gorgon LNG CO2 injection project being undertaken by Downer on BWI, they are a superb piece of kit which I would highly recommend, great visibility, great versatility and very portable.”

Matthew WindeattSMP Professional